This resource chapter has been created from Claudia’s personal experiences as an Autistic Artist.

LiberArt(E). 2021. Claudia Van-Nimwegen.

“In reflection of my own Neurodiversity, the intention of the film is to, if only for the briefest of moments, immerse you in one of my artistic storytelling processes.

The process begins with gathering ideas and thoughts by reading newspapers which are easily accessible to me in my environment. I scan them for words, phrases and highlight any which ‘stick out’. I then cut these words out using an artists craft knife, carefully, yet with a sense of urgency… as I place more bias on getting the words ‘out’ as oppose to ‘neatness’ and accuracy.

The next step is to ‘sort’ the cut-out words and develop improvised narratives and stories based off what is in-front of me. It is a spontaneous and unconventional process for me because it allows me to be free to use my resources (the words) as a loose structure of prose.

I make connections between specific words, linking phrases together both visually by placing text sections next to each other and audibly by speaking the words out loud. Speaking the words out loud helps to give me ownership and use my voice; something which can be challenging in daily life outside of my creative practice in daily life.

The last step is to present my work… and for me, I use low tech solutions that are easily accessible. Each word or phrase is captured in photograph form and edited using my iPhone. I then use iMovie to edit the clips together into the story sequence, adding the VoiceOver and syncing the visuals with the audio track.

From sourcing the materials to exporting the final video, from start to finish my process can take anywhere from a few hours to a few weeks; as I meticulously engage in a meditative process of reading, identifying, scanning, selecting, placing, speaking, recording, editing and sharing.

It is an enjoyable process to take as it allows me to use both my spontaneous attributes and my creative skills to create stories in a style that is authentic and real to me as an individual.

Within the video, the widespread presence of fragmented pieces of text sourced from readily accessible newspapers (as an everyday art material); accompanied by a spoken-word commentary are representational of the challenges I face when fabricating and sharing meaningful stories – as audio (words) and visuals (pictures) can often conflict within my storytelling process; in a brain-to-page, juxtaposed “chaos”.

The utilisation of a monochrome filter through the entirety of the film is indicative of the ‘black and white’ moments often experienced also by many members of the Neurodiverse community, where face-value stereotypes are prevalent and deeper meaning in the stories we share are often overlooked by society.

Take a step into my world, where stories are meant to be shared.”