Stories are meant to be told.

Stories are meant to be shared.

Stories are meant to be owned.

IO Stories is a web-based resource designed for academics, educational professionals, inclusive artists and creatives interested in the intersections between creative storytelling and Autism.

Split into 4 sections, this resource covers the topics of:

Assessing Autism: Various diagnostic tools and assessments used to identify Autism Spectrum Conditions. (This is a collection of factual references in a poster format.)

Storytelling Techniques: Storytelling techniques, barriers and solutions that could be incorporated into workshops for Autistic individuals. (This is a presentation in a slideshow format).

Devised vs. Prescribed: Explanation of incorporating devised and prescribed storytelling processes with Autistic people. (This is a descriptive explanation in audio format).

LiberArt(E): Example of one Autistic artist’s creative storytelling process. (This is a creative story in video format).

Each page of this creative resource can be read and used as both a stand-alone ‘chapter’ or as part of a wider ‘story’.